Merced County Jobs and Economic Developments

Merced City, a dynamic and thriving community of more than 80,000 people, offers friendly living with a small feel in a great medium-sized town where you still can find and enjoy an interesting blend of rural and urban environments. Merced County is centrally located in California and both the city and the county offer a rather convenient, central location and a host of economic, education, and entertaining opportunities and options. So here, we’ll look a little closer at Merced County jobs and economic developments in the area.

The University of California opened the Merced campus in 2005 which led to interesting new educational, cultural, and economic opportunities adding more activities and challenges to the region’s already-established growth and development. The region and the city actively encourage people to get at least the equivalent of a high school diploma. There are three educational options: GED, TASC, and HiSET in California. All three options increase employment potential for folks in Merced.

Merced is known as “The Gateway to Yosemite” and the city offers travelers and tourists lots of recreational and entertainment facilities in close proximity to one of America’s most beautiful settings, Yosemite National Park.¬†You will definitely find a visit to Merced to be enjoyable and friendly!

Merced Chamber of Commerce

The Greater Merced Chamber of Commerce works hard to promote economic development in the city of Merced and the County of Merced. Chamber representatives serve on the Board of Merced Economic Development Corporation and the City of Merced Economic Development Advisory Board. The Chamber donates money to MCEDCO and works with the city on economic missions to the Midwest and California.

The Greater Merced Chamber of Commerce is located at 690 W. 16th Street, Merced, CA 95340. The Chamber assists the City of Merced on Business Retention and Expansion and promotes visits to businesses and attractions in the greater Merced Area.

The Self Employment and Job Opportunities Office

Innovative Partnership between all county Chambers of Commerce and local human services agencies along with government offices, including the Merced County Work Force Investment Board and the state’s Employment Development Department. Funded through a competitive Department of Labor Grant. You will understand that the close proximity to Yosemite National Park is a real booster for the area’s economic development.

Service to Employers:

  • No-fee referrals of work-ready individuals for entry-level positions. Candidates have received training in time management, employee roles and responsibilities, and other work-related topics.
  • Specialized training and instruction for employees that require job-specific knowledge and skills to be able to continue employment and/or advance in their fields.
  • Support for those employees that require, for example, counseling on work-related issues and organizing major events, and assistance in removing various barriers to continued and rewarding employment.
  • Assistance for member employers in completing various forms relating to support welfare recipients to find work. Assistance includes also tax paperwork.