Central Valley Quality of Life Programs

At Central Valley Events, quality is paramount in everything, including our volunteer activities. This principle motivates our marketing professionals to donate their time and talents to nonprofit organizations that increase people’s quality of life. So it comes as no surprise that the Central Valley Quality of Life Programs Draw Support. Here is a MicroCenter introduction video:

Two programs that have drawn special attention from our team are as follows:

    • MicroMentor: Entrepreneurs often need guidance on everything from hiring and bookkeeping to presenting their new business’ best image to consumers and building brand loyalty.

Small business owners and experienced professionals with the specialized skills and knowledge they need to reach the next level can connect through the website MicroMentor.org. Mentors and mentees set expectations, organize meeting schedules, and set and track goals between themselves to ensure both individuals benefit.

  • Hinds Hospice: This end-of-life care organization is always in need of volunteers to visit with patients and to keep medical inventories organized. Patient volunteers give caregivers the gift of time to run errands and process the difficult emotions that arise while tending to a dying friend or family member.
  • Time spent by a patient’s bedside can be taken up with playing cards, reading, sharing stories on, for example, local items like the history of Fresno College, or merely sitting there to provide a smile when the person awakes. Medical room volunteers fill roles similar to pharmacy clerks, spending short shifts unpacking, shelving, and picking out prescription drugs. If this sounds like something you can handle, please visit hindshospice.org/volunteer.
  • Helping a start-up business grow and easing the burden of hospice care may have few obvious similarities. A common attribute both programs do share, however, is that MicroMentor and Hinds Hospice make people’s lives easier. Peace of mind comes to an entrepreneur who knows he or she can find answers to seemingly unsolvable problems.
  • A caregiver feeling overwhelmed needs to know someone can relieve the stress for a few hours. Hospice patients receive great comfort from recognizing they will not be left alone in their last days while they probably lived most of their lives in the Fresno area. Improving someone’s quality of life can be as simple as saying a kind word. We at Central Valley Events do not want to miss opportunities to do so much good with so little effort. More information about MicroMentor is available at MicroMentor.org.

    Central Valley Events Grows Team, Recruits College Grads

    The leaders at Central Valley Events believe in providing rewarding career paths for motivated young professionals. As Sean G., the firm’s president, added, “Our emphasis on building a career is especially important right now. We’re actively seeking to grow our team. We want to find passionate individuals who will commit themselves to constant improvement. Central Valley Events is achieving big wins every day, and we want people who will develop along with us.”

    One way company leaders encourage a focus on a long-term career is through their advancement strategies. As the president explained, “We offer promotions based on merit. Seniority and politics don’t factor into our advancement approach.” By maintaining this stance, the firm’s leaders inspire their team members to perform at high levels. “Competitive creativity rules the day here at Central Valley Events,” added Sean.

    To enable their people to thrive, the firm’s leadership team also upholds a supportive work atmosphere. Through comprehensive training, one-to-one coaching, and continuous skill building, the company’s associates are equipped with all the necessary tools to succeed. As the president put it, “We think our team members deserve the best. That’s why we invest so heavily in their success.”

    Central Valley Events’ President Explains His Desired Traits in College Graduates

    New college graduates play a large part in the firm’s current hiring push. As Sean stated, “I always look to new graduates when adding to our team here at Central Valley Events. These young people bring a lot of benefits with them. They tend to be comfortable with technology and they’re used to learning new concepts. Also, they’re motivated to make names for themselves.”

    Sean looks for some specific things when evaluating candidates who are fresh out of college. As he said, “I want to know that a new grad is passionate about our industry, but I also want to see how much he or she has done to prepare for the professional world.”

    One thing the president looks for immediately is a LinkedIn profile. “It’s a great way to start making connections right out of school,” he noted. “So I find out right away that the candidate is serious about building a career. I know that he or she is enterprising and that the individual recognizes the value of standing out from the competition.”

    Internships are also valuable in Sean’s eyes. “Securing an internship shows a lot of initiative,” he added. “It doesn’t matter all that much what a candidate did during his or her days as an intern. To me, it’s all about learning professionalism and knowing how an office works.”

    About Central Valley Events

    Central Valley Events is a full service consulting and marketing firm dedicated to creating innovative solutions to clients’ marketing challenges. As brands seek to break into new markets, they require a unique approach to stand out in their highly competitive sectors. See also this post about Merced County area attractions.

    By using an interactive approach that engages the public, the firm’s customized marketing strategies create a strong link with targeted consumers which generates immediate brand awareness as well as sustainable brand loyalty and increased revenue. The firm’s scalable marketing model is highly adaptable for both small start-ups and large corporations. Visit centralvalleyeventsca.com to learn more about their unique approach to advertising.