About success in work from home careers 

In my continuing discussion of success in work from home careers today I want to cover the power of reflection. The Slight Edge philosophy focuses on ‘the now’, about realizing there is only ever really now. The choices we make in each moment are what lead to the path of success.

How to reflect on your  business

Reflection is about using the results you have been getting, taking time out to look at them on a daily basis, and then seeing if your home Internet business is heading towards success.

The key is to remember to avoid dwelling on the past. Take my cousin Miriam, she has no high school diploma and instead of taking the GED test she still complains about low income. There are many really good websites that offer GED practice tests and online classes free of charge so there are no excuses for complaints.

If you use reflection that fact you did something wrong several times means you can learn. In fact, you have learned, you have learned several things to change. You then have the power to choose to change the actions you take and reflect again. This is a continuous improvement process, ‘plan, do. review’.

Remember to avoid blame

The key to reflection is to avoid the blame game. You took action which is more than 19 in 20 people did, so celebrate that fact. Welcome to the 5% club. Now you have gained membership take daily steps, based on results you collect every day, that will keep you on the success path. As I mentioned in a previous post there are two basic ways to earn extra money, the wage system and the profit system. If you persist in doing the right things, the profit system will work for you as opposed to you working for someone else and hoping for a change. It is key to be aware that self-acceptance matters!

What have I done?

A method of ensuring you do reflect on a daily is to create a daily ‘What have I done?’ list. In this list, you put down the actions you took to move your life forward towards success. Then look at the list and see if there is just one thing you could do better, for example, such as how you handle email. As we have said such small changes on a daily basis will lead to a breakthrough.

I trust you have found this article useful, I welcome comments and always reply, also please feel free to share the post with your friends. It’s also important NOT to think too small about yourself, micromanaging yourself will lead to nothing.

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Completion’ or finishing

Another aspect of The Slight Edge is that of ‘completion’ or finishing. What this essentially means is that in order to keep moving forward you need as much advantage as possible. To be successful, including in work from home careers, you need to practice completion to get this advantage. The advantage of completing is that you reduce the amount of weight dragging you down.

Pick one thing a day and do it

In-home Internet businesses completion means finishing what you have started. We all have things that we mean to ‘get around to’. The list itself can be quite daunting in many cases. I have heard colleagues say they are overwhelmed by the amount of information they get on how to run a home business.

The important thing to remember is this quote, ‘eat your elephant one bite at a time’. Being successful and staying on the path is just the same. You need to pick one thing and just decide to finish it. The key thing is that you pick something you know you can finish in a day.

Making things lighter increases momentum

Earning extra income will rely on this discipline as it is what will see you through the first few months in your business. As your skill in one area develops you will be able to do those things quicker. Blogging, for example, your first post may take an hour, then after a few, they take 20 minutes to write.

Now you can complete that daily post so much quicker you can then move on to another thing to complete on a daily basis. So this continual process of completing things lightens the load, helps maintain momentum and keeping on the success path is steadily easier.